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Scolia Pro Electronic Score System

Scolia Pro Electronic Score System

NOK 17.940,00

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Produktnr.: SC-0001
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

The Scolia scorekeeping unit consists of two main physical components: the frame and the processing unit. Besides holding the cameras in place, the frame also provides a bright, evenly distributed illumination to the dartboard. The processing unit calculates the score of each throw real time using the images of the cameras on the frame.

- Regular dartboard with standard dimensionstraditional colouring and traditional metal number ring
- Solid wall (preferably brick or concrete) with a flat surface around the dartboard of 110 cm in height140 cm in width
Wired Internet connection*

*The Scolia system can be used with a Powerline Adapter, if you prefer a wireless internet connection.


- Frame (lighting + cameras)
- Processing unit
- Power adapter
- LAN Cable (5m)
- Accessories, tools for installation

The package does NOT include dartboard, darts set, tablet.

Main Functionalities

- Various Types of Games
- Play Against Computer
- Game History
- Advanced Analytics
- Usage Monitoring
- Free Software Updates


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11 kg

Package dimensions

105 × 105 × 15 cm


Bestillings vare, estimert leverinstid fra leverandøre er alt mellom 15 - 60 dager. 

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